Using Eco-Therapy, Caroline can help you make changes in your personal and professional life. We can look at what has been challenging or difficult for you in the past as well as identifying and building upon your strengths and skills. The goal of the sessions is not just to focus on what is not working but to help you move you toward feeling more fulfilled and contented.

People find it surprising how well this works and how effective it is. Clients enjoy ‘taking me’ to their favourite places. Showing and describing the nature of the place to is part of the process and feeds into the work we do together. You may bring a particular issue to the session or you may choose to see what comes up.

How it works

Eco Therapy sessions with Caroline take place one-to-one, out in nature. Those who live locally to Bangor can choose meet in person. If you live further away we can work on Zoom or by phone – all you need is a stable connection and a place to sit quietly outdoors in nature.

We will sit together or wander gently outside in a quiet natural place where we can discuss what it is you want to bring to each session. Unlike conventional counselling or therapy indoors, Eco-Therapy is more than a person-to-person experience and connecting with the natural world is an essential part. You will see how your inner landscape is often mirrored by nature. Seeing this will help your thoughts and feelings shift, opening up new possibilities and showing you how things can be different for you.

The sessions last for one hour, and can take place during the day or evening. Eco-Therapy is available on sliding scale of £40-£60 per hour depending on your income.

The philosophy

As a qualified Eco-Therapist, Caroline uses the Natural Self Eco-Therapy Model. We may also use The Map of Wild Mind, developed by Bill Plotkin. As well as benefiting therapeutically, the sessions are an opportunity to learn more about eco-therapy models. You will learn nature-based skills and techniques that you may continue to practice and have as part of your life after we have finished our work together

A confidential service

Eco-Therapy sessions with Caroline are confidential and offered on a one-to-one basis, as you might expect in standard counselling. However, in Eco-Therapy, the client is invited to go outside to a place where they feel safe and have some access to the natural world.

Please contact us to organise your first session or to ask questions.